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JPlus is a GUI frontend to any console command line oriented program that might benefit from a command history and decent text editing features. I've written it specifically for SQLPlus but it can be used with other similarly disabled software.

Take a look at Screenshot displaying the program in action. There are no buttons cluttering your view and all commands are done with keyboard. May sound spartan but if the other option is using plain sqlplus - I don't think you can really complain. :-)

JPlus requires a Swing capable Java VM to run. I've tested it with IBM JDK 1.3 for Linux, Sun JDK 1.3 for WinNT (using versions of sqlplus shipping with 8.1.6 for Linux and 8.0.5 for WinNT).

Lauri Leukkunen
Last modified: Sat Oct 7 11:56:13 EEST 2000